Company History & Information

Financial Accounting Systems, Inc. has been providing software for banks since the enactment of Regulation Z in 1968. In order to provide the best possible service to the industry, we needed to specialize; and since 1979, we have devoted 100% of our resources to the development of software for financial institutions. Those applications were assigned the trade name “SOLUTIONS PLUS”.

SOLUTIONS PLUS is some of the most portable software on the market today, compliant with diverse operating systems including: Windows (all flavors), Novell Netware, Unix, Linux, Xenix, AIX, VAX, AXP, Open VMS, and many more. SOLUTIONS PLUS also operates on PC’s, Networks, Mini’s, and several mainframes.

Our employees have also been devoted to providing technical support unmatched by any company in our industry. The aspiration of being the best stems from a personal stake in the company. Financial Accounting Systems is proud to be 85% employee owned.

We are pleased to be among the leaders for providing software for financial institutions, and proud to provide that software with the most personal touch in the industry. Whether working with our marketing department before the sale or technical support afterwards, we work on a first name basis, and if you don’t believe it, just ask for me.

President & Founder

CD Accounting System

Designed for Certificates of Deposits, this product will effectively manage any number of sizes, classes, or types. Each CD may compound daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, and may be subject to early cancellation penalties. Additional deposits may be made and kept on record until the CD is renewed, and accrual reports may be generated on request. Interest may remain accrued, transferred to CD principal, or paid to a designated person or account. Records are dept of pledged CD’s, income tax withheld, and interest paid. Truth-In-Savings is incorporated with APY calculations, and Average Daily Balance (ADB), designed to work with general ledger systems, produces a balance according to accounts for the purpose of monitoring trends, is included.

Safe Deposit Box Accounting

Designed as the complete management system for the Safe Deposit Box department. The system will support global, regional, or branch pricing with the ability to add a discount percentage to any box (i.e. senior citizens, employees, etc.. Discounts can either be a percentage (i.e. 50%) or a fixed dollar amount (i.e. $5.00). A Past Due List may be requested. Income projection for any month is available. State sales taxes can be assessed globally with exceptions for tax-exempt individuals or organizations. Branches may have their individual tax rates. You may mark a box frozen in the event of death or a court order. A record may be kept of openings for the courts. Included you will find easy daily and monthly routines. The product incorporates a built-in tickler system, and the ability to account for special charges such as drilling or replacement keys. Income projection for any month is available. You may maintain waiting lists for the first available box, and specific box sizes. Standard notices include: Regular Billing, Advisory, Past Due for 30, 60, and 90 days, and Final Notices. Wording on the notices may be user defined, no special printed forms are required, and notices may be produced on an individual basis or all at one time. Many reports are available including: Available Box List, Customer Waiting List, Current Customer List, and Mailing Labels.

Savings Accounting System

The Savings Accounting System will accommodate various types of savings plans. Designed to allow one-time entry of the Customer Information, which can be tied to as many accounts as necessary. Accounts are set-up based on size, type, and class, and reports may be generated accordingly. Compounding may be done daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Deposits and withdrawals may be made at any time. Statements are created individually, or may be run on a selected cycle basis. Complete accounting of accrued interest is available at all times, including: Interest Paid to Customers, Interest Due and Unpaid to each and all customers, and Total Unpaid Interest for each class and type of account. Interest may be paid to the customer or to any designated individual, added to the principal account, or transferred to another account. The Check-Writing option permits automatic payment of said interest. Records are kept of pledged savings, income tax withheld, and interest paid-out. Inquiry of customer or account balances is always available, and of course Truth-In-Savings quoting is incorporated. Average Daily Balance (ADB), designed to work with general ledger systems, produces a balance according to accounts for the purpose of monitoring trends, is also included.

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